Well Hello there!

Yey! I managed to find a backup of the sql database of this blog! WOOT! WOOT!i knew I had some backup somewhere and I just remembered that I had it setup to email the database backup every week.Now I don’t have to recreate all the post since 2006! I was actually contemplating it and got… Continue reading Well Hello there!

Happy New Year 2021!

Goodbye 2020! It has been a rough year for everyone. I know all those things are not going away magically but just a hope that we will leave all those hardships, sickness and everything that had happened the past year and bring us a normal year. I wish all the best to y’all! Stay safe… Continue reading Happy New Year 2021!

Dumating ang nobya ko – Novelty Song

I can’t seem to complete that song we used to sing when I was young. It goes something like this… Dumating ang Nobya ko. Remedyos ang pangalan Minasdan ko binti nya … etc… and then something like.. Nataranta and TT ko..naKnt ko ang Lola nya! anyone can complete that song?  LOL!!    

Puyat again.  2x na po!

  Ano ba Ito?!  It’s been 2 days na that I had been waking up around 3am and couldn’t get back to sleep.  Sobra talaga!  I’m fine after waking up since it feels like there’s a light bulb that was switch on and my freakin synapses are so active.  Come 11am and I feel like that… Continue reading Puyat again.  2x na po!