Bucket List

It’s just a typical wish list which is just that-just a wish… Not in any particular order but just things that comes to my mind.

  • pay for this hosting service at least for 1 year term
  • and have someone do a final update for the rest of the term
  • Learn to play an acoustic guitar
  • Travel to Europe
  • Travel to Asia
  • Eat lobsters at Maine
  • Learn to do Visual Basic for Microsoft Office
  • learn how to make a website hello!
  • Take my family to the beach 2010
  • Dual Monitor setup
  • Canon EOS RebelXS Digital SLR Camera w/ 70-300mm lens 2011 T2i !!
  • A new Quad 4 PC built one and now working on it!!!
  • Learn how to dance the hustle/swing
  • Master HTML
  • ….to be continued…

One Response to “Bucket List”

  1. on 16 Sep 2007 at 9:16 amkupal

    eh yung to acquire a wii? goal mo pa rin ba?

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