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Connection using old (pre-4.1.1) authentication protocol refused (client option ‘secure_auth’ enabled) error

Two of my scripts just quit working on me last night and spent the rest of the night up to 1am trying to figure out whats going on.

It turned out that mysql database password never got updated when mysql was upgraded.

So a simple change in mysql database password to lengthen it and then updated the script configuration file fixed it!

I’m so happy!

so happy

U10 BB10 B10 – 10 10 10 Pinoy version

U10 BB10 B10 – saw this post at TJs Blog and was laughing my ass out!  Non-Tagalog speaking people might not understand what it means but its just hysterical just to read it loud and you need a good sense of humor to appreciate it.

Peace all!

Si Mario at si Goku

Madaling araw akong nagising so the usual..kung hindi ako nasa harapan ng computer eh di nanonood ng DVR.

So I clicked on that Cinema One Pinoy old movie na nirecord ko..I tried to watch that movie Si Mario at Si Goku starring William M. and Isabel G. pero hindi ko nakayanan.  Dinelete ko na lang!  Ewan..siguro kung noon ko napanood  yun baka makarelate ako..pero hindi rin siguro!  Mahirap talagang umupo at panoorin yun!

Black & Decker cordless Smartdriver with Magnetic screw holder

bd-drillisn’t this a beauty?! I’m soo much into DIY tools.  I just saw this new product the B&D is currently marketing and i just love that magnetic screw-holder!  How many times have I dropped screws when I was screwing around..(heheheh! had to write it that way!)  Well, I’ll be doing a little trip down to my local Lowes this weekend to check out this new baby!

Social Network Webinar

Last thursday I had to stay home for a few hours to attend a webinar held by one of the prestigious SEO institution in the US.  The webinar was scheduled for an hour but due to a lot of topic to cover which the host went thru generally, the extra 20 min was still not enouigh to cover even the basic stuff about doing SEO work utilizing the social network.

Still it gave me a broader insight on what is currently out there and what lies ahead.

I still need a lot of explorations that I have to do so I can fully get a grasp of things.  The SEO work is really a job by itself.

Interesting thing about seo is that you are partly gambling or betting on the results that google will bring on your hard work which the end result or payout is the SERP ranking or search engine result page.

Tondo News blog and forum

I decided to create another blog and fill it with my favorite keyword.
I was just happy that most of my sites are being listed if not in the 1st spot then at least in the first page!  Ok- I know. I need to factor in the number of pages that I’m competing against. Do you think I care at the moment? I’m just content that my selected keywords are being crawled in my sites so I guess I’m actually doing something right-eh?

Huling Araw ng ng klase!

At last! Ito na ang huling araw ng aming seminar. Uuwi na kami bukas! Oks naman ang sleep ko kagabi pero hindi pa quality sleep kung baga. Medyo stress out ako dahil just thinking of taking an exam really bugs the hell out of me. Pero it turned out ok naman. Pasado kaming dalawa ng kupal kong kasama! Yes! So certified seo guru na kami!  Yehey!!

tivo dvr remote control image

I just got off the phone talking to my wife about programming our Tivo.  Our Directv DVR is not working so we had to use our backup in the bedroom. If you ever had the same problems that I had tying to explain to your better half over the phone how to program your tivo then here’s a map (image actually) of the Tivo Remote Control!  It’s so much easier walking her through it with this picture infront of you.

New Host Blu Ost

Eto nnaaahh!!
Nag-signup na ako sa bluhost to check them out kung ok nga. Mas marami  itong options at features na inoofer. The cpanel looks slick too. One  of the nice feature is that shell access. Pero I think the speed has  been degraded becuz shared hosting nga at ska looks very susceptible  sa atake ng mga tulisan.  May Fantastico rin sila to auto install  some GPL softwares like bloggers, CMS, and various open source  applications. Tamang tama sa mga no-frills users na concentrate lang sa usage  and not worry about installation and compatibility issues na kamukha ko
na sadista pagdating sa ganitong bagay. I always get side track sa pag  sosolve ng installation issues rather than the end results.

back to workout

After almost 3 weeks doing a no show at my dojang I managed to get a chance to get off early from work. dahil na rin sa phy.therapy schedule ko kaya nagkabuhol buhol ang priorities ko. Mahirap namang magrequest to go home early lagi at baka magkaroon pa ako ng demerit points sa trabaho ko!
So far oks naman. Tumigil muna ako sa p.t. at medyo wala sa budget plan ko. Pero sa tutoo lang talaga gumaan ng konti ang pakiramdam ko.

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