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Happy Birthday Nanay!

Happy Birthday Nanay! Miss u!Happy Birthday Nanay

Beef stew with egg noodle at que hong

pho-que-huong-beef-stewJust destroyed a big bowl of S6 which is the beef stew with egg noodles at pho que hong! Awesome noodle bowl! The beef were tender but this time the soup base is a little too oily.
Now hitting bobaland with some mango smoothee with coffee tapioca pearl!

Green Lantern The Movie June 2011 release!

Green Lantern the movie is due to release around June 2011 starring Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan a.k.a. Green Lantern.

For the non-avid fan of DC comics Green Lantern character,  Green Lanterns (there’s a lot of them!) are basically an intergalactic police squad (the original pulis kalawakan even before Shaider!) that divided the universe into 3,800 sectors. Hal Jordan, an Earth-based test pilot, is selected by the Green Lantern Corp. to patrol sector 2814. Every Green Lantern is given a power ring that is capable of creating a quasi- energy-beam version of whatever the user desires. If Hal Jordan wants to fight crime with a giant corkscrew, the power ring will create a giant corkscrew.

Check out this link below for more info about the Green Lantern movie.


stressed out?

Ugh! Slept around 11p then woke up at 2am! I just opened my eyes and its like I just closed it for a minute because my brain just switched on like it never rested. Man… Mahirap din ang tayo ko. Taga salo na ng tatlong taong nawala. Burned out na nga…

Medical/Dental Insurance Claim Recordkeeping

I’m planning to create a spreadsheet detailing all my medical and dental expenditures and medical claims as well as my dental insurance claims. This project will identify various points like how much of my deductible is being used and if it has been used for the years worth.

It will also help me figure out how much medical expenses thru deductibles and copays I have been spending.

Matt C. post about Japan & Thailand

The SEO Guru is planning a trip to the Far East and his blog garnered a lot of responses on where to go and what do do.
This is actually a good reference if someone needs to visit those places.

See MC post about his trip

Our Results from clunkers program

I took some notes on gas and milage on my wife’s new car and here it is. It’s really a big difference compared to the 12 mpg Denali!

8/16 8.702g 510m
8/22 9.25g 764m
8/24 7.995g 1031m

764-510=254m divide 254miles with 9.25gallon which equals 27
1031-764=267m divide 267 miles with 7.995g equals 33

So if I calculated this right we have a 27mpg on city and 33mpg on highway!
Oh what a relief!

-11/7/09- on a side note, I was just doing some home filing and noticed that we actually drove the Expedition in around 55,000 miles

Pacman vs hitman

Wow! Amazing fight! Even though it only lasted for 2 rounds it still a good fight! The exchanging of punches, jabs and missed swings! Just the way I like it.

Not like a boring match that each boxer just wait for their opponent to make a move-pacman engages his opponent and finishes the job. Nothing personal, its just a job.

Great fight mr manny pacquiao!

Spring planting time-Palm tree in Texas

I should actually call it a palm plant because its not higher than 4 feet! It’s just a tiny plant that should be in a pot pero napagtripan namin ng jowa kong iplant sa harap ng bahay. Feel nya kasing maglagay ng palm tree sa front ng bahay namin kaya pinagbigyan ko na.
I’ll insert a picture here later on so I can look back to see how it will grow 10 years from now! LOL!

Whirlpool WHCF-R-PLUS In-Line UltraEase Plus Replacement Filter

I have one of those in-line water filter installed on my ref and I was having a hard time trying to find the damn replacement filter for it.  Turned out that Whirlpool replaced that model with a newer one but its still compatible with the old model. So the new replacement filter is WHKF-R-PLUS. 
It should fit Whirlpool WHCF-IMTOS, Whirlpool WHCF-IMPLUS, and Whirlpool WHKF-IMPLUS Water Filter Systems.

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