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Dumating ang nobya ko – Novelty Song

I can’t seem to complete that song we used to sing when I was young.

It goes something like this…

Dumating ang Nobya ko.
Remedyos ang pangalan
Minasdan ko binti nya


and then something like..

Nataranta and TT ko..naKnt ko ang Lola nya!

anyone can complete that song?  LOL!!



Char-Broil Model No. 463453305 Side Burner replacement

The side burner on my Char-Broil needs to be replaced so I found this part from the company’s website listing

CharBroil burner Part No. 7000037Its part number 7000037 for $9.99  easy install. just 2 wing nut screws but you have to buy the wingnut from homedepot or lowes.

Here’s a coupon for 15% but you have to hurry because it will expire December 31, 2013!

Green Lantern The Movie June 2011 release!

Green Lantern the movie is due to release around June 2011 starring Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan a.k.a. Green Lantern.

For the non-avid fan of DC comics Green Lantern character,  Green Lanterns (there’s a lot of them!) are basically an intergalactic police squad (the original pulis kalawakan even before Shaider!) that divided the universe into 3,800 sectors. Hal Jordan, an Earth-based test pilot, is selected by the Green Lantern Corp. to patrol sector 2814. Every Green Lantern is given a power ring that is capable of creating a quasi- energy-beam version of whatever the user desires. If Hal Jordan wants to fight crime with a giant corkscrew, the power ring will create a giant corkscrew.

Check out this link below for more info about the Green Lantern movie.


Samsung BD-C6500 Blu-Ray Player Visio TV codes

I used the code 19 on the Samsung Bd-c6500 Blu-Ray Player to program the remote control.  I just got around programming the remote control months after we bought this player and got a little tired of switching from one remote to another just to adjust the Visio TV volume.  TV Channel switching on my Visio is also enabled and same with the mute button.  One of my Visio TV’s remote feature that I couldn’t make to work on the Samsung disc player remote is that of the media source selector.

Also, one of the great feature of this Samsung Bd-C6500 Blu-Ray player is the built-in Wireless Lan.  Some blu-ray/dvd player that’s out in the market today needs an accessory to connect to your wireless lan in order to take advantage of the Internet capabilities of these new media players.

Recently, we had been watching Netflix thru this Samsung BD-c6500 Disc Player and with the HD streaming from Netflix it makes the picture quality very pleasant to view.

facebook virus/trojan barack-clinton video

There’s a virus currently spreading on facebook about a sex video between obama and clinton. Once you open the link it will infect your computer and repost the same messages to your contacts wall using their names to make it look legit. Freakin bastards..I hope obama goes after those a-holes!
And no, I didn’t get infected with the stupid virus.

HP Pavillion DX6500 DVD drive removal/replacement tips

Faced with a stuck dvd drive button I need to find out how to remove the whole dvd drive unit from the HP Pavillion dc6500 laptop.

I  scoured the net and found this wonderful and helpful website filled with laptop tips!

hp pavillion dx6500 dvd drive removal image

the instructions stated to remove the single screw holding the dvd drive and all you have to do is pull it out gently.

So after I removed the dvd drive pushed the plastic tabs (CAREFULLY!) that holds the front cover of the dvd drive and it released the stucked button.

Then just put everything back together and you are done!

backing up work blogs at 5:06am

I actually woke up at 4:56am today and as always, as soon as I open my eyes is like a lightbulb being switch on and can’t turn it back off. It’s like my brain just shuts off at night and just wen on hibernation without powering down and morning comes there’s not even a reboot’s just coming out from sleep mode….all memories and where you left off intact…wwaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! i think i need a vacation!!!!

Anyway, procrastination being stared at the eye at the moment.  Well at least I finished 2 out of 9. That’s a start-right?

Whirlpool WHCF-R-PLUS In-Line UltraEase Plus Replacement Filter

I have one of those in-line water filter installed on my ref and I was having a hard time trying to find the damn replacement filter for it.  Turned out that Whirlpool replaced that model with a newer one but its still compatible with the old model. So the new replacement filter is WHKF-R-PLUS. 
It should fit Whirlpool WHCF-IMTOS, Whirlpool WHCF-IMPLUS, and Whirlpool WHKF-IMPLUS Water Filter Systems.

Killed one ignorance bug today

wow! pa uso! What does that means? Ignorance bug is what I call my handicap when I’m faced with a dilemma and being technically challenged on a situation where there is no competition or goal to attain.  It’s also an ego trip of mine when I get sidetracked on my workflow by a technical problem which can be a software glitch, a hardware limitation, or just the ‘i-don’t-know-jack-shit-about-this-crappy-thing’

So what ignorance bug did i take care of today? Well it’s that damn session policy on one of our servers where I got stuck in creating an ftp access to a newly created url header for a test website.  It was like a freakin monkey on my back that i was carrying for some time now eversince we had to undo the master admin setup that the previous webguru and set it back up with normal security policy.  It took me a couple of hours just to deciper the hierarchy and grand scheme of things but as usual-the answer has been staring at me all that time.  Sometimes my common sense tend to go on a trip to the store without letting me know…ignorance-bug

Honey-do-list #637 done! Kitchen Sink Faucet replaced

What the heck! How many honey-do-list do I have?! Lol!  Just kidding!  It’s not that much. I’m just trying to make a point on some of the item on my list that I’m procrastinating.
This particular one is actually the number 1 priority because it is always being used.  So one weekend I just decided to tackle the task and get it over with.
and here’s the end result.

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