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How long do you need to keep your phone bills?

I have been in a mission to clean up the clutter in my home office.  One of the major contributor in this clutter are bills and invoices.

Let focus on the phone bill for now.
phone-billsThis bastards grew like crazy as soon as my kids started growing up and have their own cellphones.

My advice on phone bill storage – just shred them after you had paid them since you already acknowledge and confirm that everything is right once you had paid it.

If you feel the hoarder genes kicking in just scan them babies and burn them on a cd so you can have them forever! 🙂



Toss Paper Records You Don’t Need. Reduce Clutter! Clear your mind!

I have been reading a couple of articles that talks about what financial records you need to keep and which onces to throw away.  As a full-pledged packrat and a procrastinator I should start doing that other people had been doing.

One advise is that after you have reconciled your bank statement/ credit card statement, throw away;

  • deposit slips
  • ATM reciepts
  • bank withdrawal reciepts
  • credit card reciepts

Of course its best practice to shred those documents before tossing them out in your garbage bin.  Which reminds me to get one of those cross-cut or confetti cut shredder to replace my ribbon cut shredder which I have been planning to get rid of.