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Green Lantern The Movie June 2011 release!

Green Lantern the movie is due to release around June 2011 starring Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan a.k.a. Green Lantern.

For the non-avid fan of DC comics Green Lantern character,  Green Lanterns (there’s a lot of them!) are basically an intergalactic police squad (the original pulis kalawakan even before Shaider!) that divided the universe into 3,800 sectors. Hal Jordan, an Earth-based test pilot, is selected by the Green Lantern Corp. to patrol sector 2814. Every Green Lantern is given a power ring that is capable of creating a quasi- energy-beam version of whatever the user desires. If Hal Jordan wants to fight crime with a giant corkscrew, the power ring will create a giant corkscrew.

Check out this link below for more info about the Green Lantern movie.


Karate Kid 2010

Saw this movie at SBM with family.Karate_kid_ver2 2015-02-01 12.35.46

Knight Rider is back! New TV series on NBC starts Sept. 24!

Ok folks! They have Knight Rider the series scheduled to air on September 24, 2008 Wednesday.

Have I mention how i liked the old knight rider and the pilot movie that they showed months ago?

Anyways, the new knight rider series which is the revival of the 1980 TV series about this Trans Am that talks and has artificial intelligence of the latest super computer,of course, in the 80’s concept will be shot not on film but entirely on HDTV cameras.  Since the HDTV units are being sold everywhere and almost the whole population of the US have HDTV capabilites it seems fit for this decision.

Now i guess I’ll have to order my HDTV upgrade…

tivo dvr remote control image

I just got off the phone talking to my wife about programming our Tivo.  Our Directv DVR is not working so we had to use our backup in the bedroom. If you ever had the same problems that I had tying to explain to your better half over the phone how to program your tivo then here’s a map (image actually) of the Tivo Remote Control!  It’s so much easier walking her through it with this picture infront of you.

Netflix delaying tactics on active users

If you use Netflix and watches a lot of movies, you can turn around those DVD pretty fast but since you are beginning to be liability to Netflix and costing them postage money they devised a way to delay the delivery of your movies.

If your local Netflix shipping center is really close and it only takes 1 days turnaround they will soon send your requested movies from the farthest Netflix shipping center that they have.

Of course they need to make money, well I’m just voicing my opinion too!

Here’s a sample of their email that my requested movie will be delayed….

Shipping update

 Dear Sucker, NEW TITLE was not available at your local shipping center. Instead, we will be shipping this movie from WALA-WALA, Boonies on the next business day. As usual, you will receive a movie shipped email confirming the shipment. -The Netflix Team 

Batang Iwahig 1966 b&w movie

I had a chance to watch this movie after it has been sitting in my dvr for a few weeks.  Sayang nga lang at degraded na ang sound quality pero nag-enjoy pa rin akong panoorin kahit paputol-putol ang aking viewing.  Joseph Estrada & the young Vilma Santos at syempre ang paboritong kontrabidang si Paquito Diaz.  Oks naman.  The story circles around Joseph na nakulong sa munti at dahil sa good behavior na napadala sa Iwahig Penal Colony sa may Palawan.  Syempre pag galing ka sa ob-lo may basag ka na like “batang-munti” or “batang-city jail” so in this case “Batang Iwahig”

Ang masaklap lang dito sa istorya ng movie e yung last part. Pinag-aawayan nila yung pera na pinitik nila. 6 ata silang kawatan, 4 ang patay, dalawa na lang silang magpaparte. Kaso yung pera sa bandang huli ng movie…..