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Google Analytics vs Dynamic urls

I need to do this

I’ll be starting all my reminder post with “I need to do this”. Reasoning behind this new category is because I am already overwhelm with the post it pads on my desk! not mentioning the tons of paper scraps I write on too.  Another thing I need to know is how to track sales on dynamic websites. Expecially the ones generated via the shopping carts that uses .asp .  My technical knowledges stops at basic html and a few introductory PHP codes.

You think I need to hit the books on this one of just continue on the trial-and-error basis?

PGP keys on FTP transfers

ok. Need to know how to do this. 

At one time I had to transfer sensitive data over the internet and I know there are ways to encrypt the files but I need to burn some midnight oil to learn these things. Although suggestions will be very much appreciated.