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Wamp Server LogoWent crazy and just uninstalled the Xampp Server on my laptop after getting frustrated in trying to figure out what the heck is happening on the mysql interface.  Ports are messed up too since port 80 was taken over by spiceworks.  Anyways, I had resolved those ports issues but just had to give up and move on to a more easier way to work with.

So now I installed WAMPP Server and also installed a local version of Webtrees. I have imported the latest data dump and this should serve as a local back and possibly a production site.

Now I have to deal with the harddrive space since I’m down to less than 50gigs of space due to other softwares and applications installed.

Work is never done!

SELECT & DELETE sql command


Oh crap! I just played with some sql commands in one of my sql database for a directory and articles website.
I have been neglecting that website for quite a while..umm like more than a year? 🙂

So i decided to check out the articles submitted and when I looked at the Unregisted Users it was 87900+ rows! OMG! and the damn GUI with the directory script suxx to high heaven!  Well probably because I never really took the time to learn that script anyways.

Peruse the internet and saw some tips to use the mysql database directly and run some commands.

in searching I used ’email’ LIKE  ‘’ with the SEARCH and DELETE commands.

It just shows how dumb I am and shallow to get so excited with the petty accomplishment.  Still..It felt good! LOL!

Connection using old (pre-4.1.1) authentication protocol refused (client option ‘secure_auth’ enabled) error

Two of my scripts just quit working on me last night and spent the rest of the night up to 1am trying to figure out whats going on.

It turned out that mysql database password never got updated when mysql was upgraded.

So a simple change in mysql database password to lengthen it and then updated the script configuration file fixed it!

I’m so happy!

so happy

Web directory site

Been obsessed in creating an web directory ever since I started learning about SEO and I finally had a chance to setup one!

I tried it a while back from time to time but never got serious in completing it.
Now with the help of php link directory script I had started a fully functional web directory! Yey!

Submission have been flowing in even when I had a trial version so hopefully things will start to pick up.

sample codes collapse/expand page

Working on some website codes to display part of a page on demand. Like a link to expand and/or collapse a page.
sample code expand/collapse divs n css

Yahoo Briefcase closes today

I had received a couple of email before today that Yahoo Briefcase will be closing.

yahoo briefcase

At least they gave us a lot of time to prepare for this day.  The Yahoo Briefcase was fun to use and had been very useful for me. I guess it’s just the hard times that forces Yahoo to do it.  Anyway, thanks Yahoo.

Stop:0x0000007e error

When I was building this new quad core of mine using an ASUS M3N78-VM with an AMD Phenom x4 9550 a few months back I had to install the windows XP sp1 hoping to update after install but in the middle of installation it just froze on me a gave me the blue screen of death!

Here’s the error message I got;

STOP:0x0000007e (0xc0000005,0xf748e0bf,0xf78da208,0xf78d9f08)
PCI.sys -address F748E0BF base at F748700
date stamp 3b7d855c

at first glance i knew it was display driver error. It probably didn’t recognize my new onboard graphics card but no way to install the driver unless i complete the whole installation!

Searching the net i saw a couple of pages where it talks about this error. There’s this one site that helped me a lot but at the moment i forgot the site. I’ll re-post later but to make this short the suggested solutions is to install using SP2. But I don’t have the SP2. So the next possible solution is to do a slipstream XP installation disc!

An XP Slipstream installation disc is actually an xp sp1 with sp2 pre-installed on a newly burned disc. also I’ll post the link to that site where it details it. I just wanted to get rid of this piece of paper reminding me to post this to you’all. Hope this helps!

This site may harm your computer warning from google search

I was checking our ranking in google pages when I encounter the message above.  I was alarmed so i check our codes and saw nothing unusual. I investigated further but just found message post dated back 2007. So I tried to search google in the google search and this is what i found;

—  update about this post—

minutes after I posted this google fixed the problem.  Hats off to the quick responding tech people at google!!

Social Network Webinar

Last thursday I had to stay home for a few hours to attend a webinar held by one of the prestigious SEO institution in the US.  The webinar was scheduled for an hour but due to a lot of topic to cover which the host went thru generally, the extra 20 min was still not enouigh to cover even the basic stuff about doing SEO work utilizing the social network.

Still it gave me a broader insight on what is currently out there and what lies ahead.

I still need a lot of explorations that I have to do so I can fully get a grasp of things.  The SEO work is really a job by itself.

Interesting thing about seo is that you are partly gambling or betting on the results that google will bring on your hard work which the end result or payout is the SERP ranking or search engine result page.

Tondo News blog and forum

I decided to create another blog and fill it with my favorite keyword.
I was just happy that most of my sites are being listed if not in the 1st spot then at least in the first page!  Ok- I know. I need to factor in the number of pages that I’m competing against. Do you think I care at the moment? I’m just content that my selected keywords are being crawled in my sites so I guess I’m actually doing something right-eh?

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