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MSI S6000 Laptop Wifi Problem-Fixed!

msi-s6000 laptopA co-worker handed me her personal laptop and begged me to take a look at it why it wouldn’t connect to any wifi signal. “Sure! no problem.” I said and started troubleshooting it.

Wierd that this MSI S6000 laptop doesn’t have a hardware wifi switch but it does have a keystroke switch. Press FN + F10 (the antenna icon) clearly is the wifi switch.

Tap..Tap…tap…tap…tap… nothing…

Went through system restores, windows updates and did a bleeping computer combofix as well..


tap..tap..tap… Fn + F10 … nothing.

Went online and started looking for similar problems and hopefully solutions..

Bingo!! the stupid MSI S6000 (and I guess some other models as well) were mislabled!

it was actually Fn + F8!!!  OMG! Really?!!

Anyways, it did fixed the issue and the world goes on… peace!

Oh..this is where I found the fix! thanks guys!

Source: Tom’s Hardware


Goodbye my Hauppauge WinTV PVR 250

thanks for all the converted videos you helped me to port over.  SnapTream Beyond TV was awesome when it first came out.  A Personal Video Recorder on my pc before DVR came out in consumer market.Hauppauge WinTV PVR 250

Blackberry How to enable/disable Read/Delivery Receipts

I had been thinking about this task for the longest time!

Everytime I get a message from our email system they always get a delivery receipt confirming that my blackberry had received their email.

I know how annoying it is to get lots of unnecessary junk email so finally I decided to look for the solution.

I googled the term “blackberry how to disable delivery receipt” and got this results.

I think its fixed now.


Parallel Printer Cable – Goodbye nostalgia

Still on my 2012 New Year cleanup mission.

One of the things I pulled out of my tech closet is this parallel printer cable that I used on on of my old HP Laser Printer.
I had been looking for reasons to keep this thing-of-a-jig for the longest time but when I looked in the net and saw parellel printer cable being sold for

I decided to throw them away.  I need to get rid of more old tech stuff. Gone are the days when I used to tinker with everything and get lost in trying to find use for useless things.

Web directory site

Been obsessed in creating an web directory ever since I started learning about SEO and I finally had a chance to setup one!

I tried it a while back from time to time but never got serious in completing it.
Now with the help of php link directory script I had started a fully functional web directory! Yey!

Submission have been flowing in even when I had a trial version so hopefully things will start to pick up.

Solid state drive plus Win 7 install – successful!

Started on messing around with the newest toy on my desk. A birthday gift from my kids- 80 gigs Intel solid state drive!
Been wanting one ever since I read about if on Popular science magazine a while back and man- those sad are really blazing fast!
I had to pull myself away from my computer because it felt like a new and much faster computer since I had finished the win 7 install and updates. Ran into some snags like unable to find the 4th hd on the sata array which the Asus board have 5.
Got that fixed with the help of a couple site with tips. I’ll create a different post about it later.

XGPS-300 GPS Cradle/Aux Battery for Ipod Touch

DUAL XGPS300 GPS Navigation & Battery Cradle came in last month.  Its actually a reward item from one of my cc point program.  Came with car holder and all the needed chargers.  I just needed to download the NavAtlas Apps from itunes and the unit works as promised!  The sound quality is good although my kids didn’t like the computerized or digital voice of the navigation prompts.

One issue though that might annoy me later on.  You need to turn off your wireless to have it in accurate working mode.  There seems to have some kind of conflict with the wireless and the gps signal.  Some people might say “so? you don’t use wireless when you drive” but other geeks like me that have a broadband card working on a Cradlepoint WiPipe might beg to differ…

How to put your iPod Touch into DFU mode

1 – Plug your ipod touch to the computer and open up iTunes.
2 – Hold down the POWER/SLEEP button for 2 seconds
3 – After the 2 seconds , hold down the bottom button along with the power button for 10 seconds exactly.
4 – After the ten seconds, release the power button and continue holding the bottom button until your computer makes a noise and iTunes says that your device is in recovery mode.
5 – Your device is now in DFU mode!

Now you can restore it to a custom firmware by holding down SHIFT and clicking RESTORE.

Find the firmware file and hit open. iTunes will do the rest.


Internet @ 30k feet

Trip lang. Papunta akong east coast at medyo bored kya nag gogoflight na lang ako at surf to the max na lang. 2 oras pa at lalanding na rin kami. Maybe its time to do those lynda videos.

VM Virtualbox

Downloaded and installed Oracle’s Vm VirtualBox today. The setup instructions looks easy enough to tackle so I went ahead and started the process.
I followed all the steps and breeze right thru it. I got stuck on the OS installation because my XP install disc has a couple of corrupt files so I had to use backup discs and swap them as the files gets copied to the virtual hard drive. i think i had done more than 30 swaps throughout the installation process but I had perseverance tucked under my arm and goes thru the installation.
Yehey! it asked me for the CD key! all done.

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