MSI S6000 Laptop Wifi Problem-Fixed!

msi-s6000 laptopA co-worker handed me her personal laptop and begged me to take a look at it why it wouldn’t connect to any wifi signal. “Sure! no problem.” I said and started troubleshooting it.

Wierd that this MSI S6000 laptop doesn’t have a hardware wifi switch but it does have a keystroke switch. Press FN + F10 (the antenna icon) clearly is the wifi switch.

Tap..Tap…tap…tap…tap… nothing…

Went through system restores, windows updates and did a bleeping computer combofix as well..


tap..tap..tap… Fn + F10 … nothing.

Went online and started looking for similar problems and hopefully solutions..

Bingo!! the stupid MSI S6000 (and I guess some other models as well) were mislabled!

it was actually Fn + F8!!!  OMG! Really?!!

Anyways, it did fixed the issue and the world goes on… peace!

Oh..this is where I found the fix! thanks guys!

Source: Tom’s Hardware


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