Samsung BD-C6500 Blu-Ray Player Visio TV codes

I used the code 19 on the Samsung Bd-c6500 Blu-Ray Player to program the remote control.  I just got around programming the remote control months after we bought this player and got a little tired of switching from one remote to another just to adjust the Visio TV volume.  TV Channel switching on my Visio is also enabled and same with the mute button.  One of my Visio TV’s remote feature that I couldn’t make to work on the Samsung disc player remote is that of the media source selector.

Also, one of the great feature of this Samsung Bd-C6500 Blu-Ray player is the built-in Wireless Lan.  Some blu-ray/dvd player that’s out in the market today needs an accessory to connect to your wireless lan in order to take advantage of the Internet capabilities of these new media players.

Recently, we had been watching Netflix thru this Samsung BD-c6500 Disc Player and with the HD streaming from Netflix it makes the picture quality very pleasant to view.

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