If you just experience the feeling that your computer has been possessed and you have Norton 360 installed in your computer-don’t worry! (I hope!)

I was trying to be calm when the cd tray keep on opening and closing on me as soon as I turn on my computer.  First thought that always comes to my mind is that my computer has a virus/malware/trojan horse and all the other freaking bastard made program that makes all our lives miserable but anti-virus company richer. (conspiracy theory?)

Anyways, do some reality check first;

– did Norton 360 previous told you that you don’t have enough storage on your online backup?

-did you take the initiative to play smart and change the setting to backup into cd/dvd?

-did you finish backing up on cd/dvd and felt empowered and went on with your merry life?

now, if all those statements are true, except the merry life part, and after a few hours or days your cd/dvd drive starting opening and closing then do this;

– deselect all item that needs to be backed-up and just select the smallest one (Internet Favorites)
– change the backup to manual
– save settings
– restart machine

if the cd tray still keeps on opening and closing put a blank cd disc in and close the drive (or play grasshopper-pebble game with the cd tray) and wait until it writes something.

If all goes well the ghost in your machine will disappear!  If not – get someone else to help you with the exorcist