Our Results from clunkers program

I took some notes on gas and milage on my wife’s new car and here it is. It’s really a big difference compared to the 12 mpg Denali!

8/16 8.702g 510m
8/22 9.25g 764m
8/24 7.995g 1031m

764-510=254m divide 254miles with 9.25gallon which equals 27
1031-764=267m divide 267 miles with 7.995g equals 33

So if I calculated this right we have a 27mpg on city and 33mpg on highway!
Oh what a relief!

-11/7/09- on a side note, I was just doing some home filing and noticed that we actually drove the Expedition in around 55,000 miles

Completed my DDC today! yey!

Took me..what…more than 2 months to complete this online defensive driving course?! Why? Procrastination!!!  Until finally I just decided that I will have to finish this thing in one sitting.  Well after some little sitting here and there I just put this weekend aside to finish this thing off.

Now all I have to do is wait for the certificate in the mail. Tapos dadalhin ko doon sa munisipyo ng kalapit barrio namin.  Hopefully I won’t have any more tickets for a while.

Bigat din nito ah! Mahigit isang daan ang binayad ko doon sa minisipyo!  Ang lupit nga.  Pero oks na rin. Matuto ka!  Pero this time ala naman atang akong binili like the last time.