weird dream last night

dreamt of being with co-workers inside a classroom. we saw 3 fishes. 2 of them looks like a pair and 1 small fry and they were swimming not on water but on air..not floating but swimming on air… I recognized 1 and noticed it looks like a piranha and confirmed it when it bit a passing tuna into half..i grabbed a net, jump and scooped down that piranha and put it in a bucket with water.
next frame..looking for the piranha in the bucket..saw it barely moving on the floor and a little dirty..apparently the janitor took his mop and tried to kill that piranha…picked up the piranha looking at it closely while its grasping for breath..
then i woke up…

Quote of the day-Achievement

“It’s better to fail in doing something rather than being successful in doing nothing”

It’s actually translated from a tagalog joke on the email that Mr. Georgie V. forwarded me.  I still have to read the comprehensive article but there are a few things there that really makes sense.

People have always had this mentality that when someone is trying something new or out to the norm they tend to look down on it and say “It’s not going to work.” “It’s going to be a flop” Many times we heard about it..  and the innovators that was being looked down are now laughing.. just take Google as an example.

“That kind of a name is Google?” -comments from most people..

Also there’s StarBucks.  “It’s not going to take off” 
how much money did they make now?