I think headaches gone…

2 days of suffering from migrane. But the thing is I’m not really sure if it’s a tually a migrane since the pain was coming from the back of my neck.
But after I drank coffee I think it slowly went away. Maybe it’s coffee withdrawal again.
Also experiencing post holiday blues..hope I’ll survive Monday…

Tui-Na Massage twice done

It has been our 2nd time getting those mall massages.  They call it Tui-Na Massage which literally means “pushing and grasping”. As always they claims it has been used in China for 2,000 years now and still being practiced at the sidwalks hence they have a lot of them around the malls.

So far it relieves my stress and tension on my neck and upper shoulders. My wife swears that it had help her a lot too.  The chair massage cost us $12 for 12 minutes and $20 for 20 minutes so $1 a minute is not bad if after the session you feel like a million dollars!

Yesterday I tried the 1 hour Full Body Massage and i think I fell asleep 4-5 times cuz’ I heard myself snore which woke me up since you have to feel the whole session to get your moneys worth.