Tivo online program scheduling is awesome!

I recently visited the tivo.com site to check it out since it has been about 2 years (i think) since I visited the tivo listing guide.  I didn’t get a chance to sit down in front of the tivo unit to actually schedule the recordings last week so I decided to work on it on my computer.

What amazes me is that 1-click record option. You click on on and you’re done! Of course there is a way to customize the 1-click record option to your preference like priority, video quality recording, keep until, start time and finish time.

There’s also an option to do a 1-click season pass but I haven’t tried that button yet.

The tivo tv listing guide also has that feature where you can select the full screen tv guide or the regular screen with navigational bar on the left side.

Overall I’m impressed on tivo effort in making the user experience less painful.

tivo dvr remote control image

I just got off the phone talking to my wife about programming our Tivo.  Our Directv DVR is not working so we had to use our backup in the bedroom. If you ever had the same problems that I had tying to explain to your better half over the phone how to program your tivo then here’s a map (image actually) of the Tivo Remote Control!  It’s so much easier walking her through it with this picture infront of you.