Honey-do-list #637 done! Kitchen Sink Faucet replaced

What the heck! How many honey-do-list do I have?! Lol!  Just kidding!  It’s not that much. I’m just trying to make a point on some of the item on my list that I’m procrastinating.
This particular one is actually the number 1 priority because it is always being used.  So one weekend I just decided to tackle the task and get it over with.
and here’s the end result.

A frog inside the house!

frog inside the houseSunday afternoon..we are all feeling lazy and just slumped infront of the tv. My son is getting ready for his executive job at his summer job. My daugther had put his working shoes out on the backyard to air dry it since it stinks and also got a little wet from last nights rain. So when my son picked it up outside and brought it inside the house and started doing other things he came back to his shoes and told us “hey! there’s a frog inside the house!”
We all got startled and the girls started to jump up on the couch. My son and I had to chase the frog from the den to the dining room and finally outside the backyard.
The frog wasn’t hurt or anything..i just swept it out since it’s so stubborn to get out.