Yes Virginia, there’s a video recorder on blackberry 8310

bb_8310While browsing around the blackberry forums I came across a topic about the BB OS 4.5
I quickly check my phones OS and confirmed that I still have the 4.2. 

Wow! Now I feel so obsolete.

I went to the list of features and it listed better html emails and the best feature is that video capture capability. Yes! I can finally take videos with my bb 8310!  I can push back the time table of getting the blackberry bold. (no fee in dreaming..o walang bayad ang mangarap..tama ba ingles translation ko?)

So, I went through the whole process of upgrading my device OS and after about an hour or so I have a working BB 8310 with a new breath of life! oh yea! oh yea! (doing the cabbage patch dance)

Caveat lector, the upgrade process is not for the faint hearted.  Need to do a lot of prep work before initiating the upgrade process.  If you don’t need to keep any of your settings or installed applications and willing to start fresh from scratch like having it wipe clean then the upgrade will be less painful.

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