You are my Song lyrics- Martin Nievera

You are the song
playing so softly in my arms
i reach for you
you seem so near yet so far

I hope and I pray
you’d be with me some day
i know down inside you are mine
and i, your true love
or am i dreamin?

How can i
each time i try to say goodbye
You are there
You look my way i touch the sky
We can share tomorrrow and forever now
I’ll be there to love you so
You are my song

I know for sure
that we were meant to fall in love
I look in your eyes
I know what you’re thinking of

I hope and i pray
you’d be with me someday
I know down inside you are mine
and, I, your true love
Please no more dreamin

Baby we can last until forever
and i know that we can make it through
With you in my arms
You’re my soul
You’re my love
You’re my song

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  1. on 25 Jul 2009 at 12:42 pmzeenanoko

    I was just going through my disc collections and came across this song. Wala lang. feeling sentimental lang today. Maybe because of the sleep deprivation i have been experiencing lately..brain is numb.. 🙂

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