Fujifilm Instax Wide printer-leaked

It seems like there will be a retro polaroid look-alike printer that’s coming out soon. https://www.techradar.com/news/leaked-fujifilm-instax-wide-printer-could-be-the-best-retro-smartphone-accessory Just like what the above article mentioned, this smartphone accessory should be a hit in weddings and parties to instantly share those unlimited selfies and groupies. 😉 Growing up as a child, my dad had one of those Polaroid… Continue reading Fujifilm Instax Wide printer-leaked

Quickbooks IIF import

Weh?! I think I finally imported my first check iif file! Woot!I had to do a lot of workaround using excel and notepad to get the actual tab delimited text file then convert the file extention to .iif and poof! an importable iif file for the check register waiting to be printed. It was a… Continue reading Quickbooks IIF import