Advertisement on my sites

The 1st time I started creating websites for my personal use I tried to do away with those advertising like banners and links and affliates things. My reasoning behind it was it is my personal website and I don’t want it to be like those free ones on yahoo & msn where they have lots of online advertising on the side panel, headers, and even on the content itself.  Just take a look at your emails from those free sites.  Most of them have some form of advertisement on the footer of the emails.  Of course its free so somehow they need to make money.

Now I have to bow down on my principles and put some form of advertisement on my sites. I will try to keep it to the minimum so it won’t interfere with the whole design. (what design? lol! ) but then again this post is directed to myself and not an apologetic post. actually I’m apologizing to my self. gets nyo?  😉

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