Another round with Cingular MediaNet package deal

Yea..I’m at it again. Because those dycks & fooszies at Cingular couldn’t get it right!

Last week I had to call Cingular customer service cuz’ on my bill they were charging me $19.99 for the MediaNet package that I signed up with for $14.99!!! Tarantado talaga!!! Turned out after I talked to this girl who doesn’t even know what’s going on or probably overwhelmed by the notes on my account that Cingular has revised their medianet packages and had upgraded me without even bothering to inform me. Gago!
So now I’m on the constant lookout for my data activities on their website and of course they screwed it up again! The push emails that I get are being charged to internet/MediaNet! aaarrrgggghhh!! As&$h013s!!!!!

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