Asia World at Legacy & 75

Went to check out this oriental place down at legacy and central.

The grocery is not that big compared to carrollton plaza supermarket. They have a nice setup. A couple of asian eatery on the surrounding. Had lunch at Pho Que Hong and of course ordered the favorite beef stew with noodles with matching pork bbq sandwich.
Went inside the grocery and got a couple of munchies and bought some red bean cakes where an old taiwanese man cooks them at a stall next to the deli where you can buy a buffet for $5
On the way out we stop by the bakery. It looks the same like the one in May Hua Plano but I think a little more in the expensive side.  And the bakery at Plano really looks and is fresh since the oven and the store are all in one area.

Anyways, I wasn’t really impress about the setup in Legacy, got me confused on the way they arranged the merchandise. Pero hey! another place to do your munchies needs!

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