At&T will raise it’s Broadband Prices!

They said it’s competitive pricing..I say it’s sucking us dry!

The At&t price change of $5 will affect the 13-state traditional region (Arkansas, Cincinatti, California, Conneticut, Nevada,  Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan and Texas). The change will not occur in the 9 Southeast states and it’s gear to be in effect by March 2008

The current pricing:
– Basic (768 Kbps): $14.99 (will change to $19.95)
– Express (1.5 Mbps) : $19.99 (will change to $25)
– Pro (3 Mbps) services.: $24.99 (will change to $30)

I guess I will have to downgrade to the express level to retain the same pricing scheme.

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