Car Oil & Filter changed at Walmart-Arapaho

Latest blunder on my part… I just copy/paste the emails with my correspondence..

I am sooooo pissed off with walmart! Just had my 2nd oil changed with them and they said that I’m missing an air filter?
 It’s the same place I went to get the 1st oil changed and I’m so stupid I didn’t check it the 1st time I felt that something’s wrong with the engine performance.
What dicks..and a bigger D for not knowing anything about my car..heheeh!
 did they removed it or you forgot to put one?
That’s the bad part about it. I think they removed it the 1st time I had oil changed 3,000+miles ago. The worst part now is that I don’t even know how it looks like! Hehehe! I’ll just stop by autozone tonight and buy a replacement. I’ll just drag the sales guy out to find out which kind I need.

At least I know where to put it. I checked under the hood when I got back in the parking lot here at work. 

I believed that they removed it.  Walmart messed up 2 of my cars when I took it for an oil change, they were using a power drill to put the plug back on, so they got strip and started to leak. 

The moral of the story is that the more you tried to save the more you get shoved up your freakin’ a$%*(%#ss!!

addendum : October 16,2006

Nakausap ko yung bilas kong pinagbilhan ko nitong kotse at ang sabi nga K&N air filter daw ang nakalagay doon. siguro ninenok ng mekaniko!

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