Car Stalled in middle of Interstate Highway!

Damn! Yesterday afternoon just right after we visited Daddy from VA Hosp. we had to stop by Mama’s house to pick up the Honda. On the way back home I had to take the freeway. My two daughter was with me and we’re not even a few miles out when the car started to act funny. Don’t know nothing about cars but I can feel if something’s wrong.

Then suddenly there was a loud humming noise and the engine just stopped! I switched the emergency lights on and tried to get to exit at the nearest ramp. Didn’t make it and the car just stop just at the worst part of the exit ramp! There’s a lot of crazy drivers out there and at that time all it takes it just one stupid driver not paying attention on what they are doing and we all be going to the hospital.

Good thing I have an AAA card and a celphone. Requested an emergency service tow and a police assistance. AAA in turn quickly responded and notified the local Police Department and a squad car was dispatched right away. The officers parked his squad car a few feet behind me and stayed with us until the tow truck came. I thanked the officer before we left and head out to the local mechanic shop.

It was quite a scare for me and my kids but thank God we’re all ok. -whew!-

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