car stalled revisited-solution:change engine

Took an extended lunch today and drove to my bayaw’s house to pick him up.

He had called me yesterday that an new engine is needed and he already found a surplus engine. So we went to Eric Engines and waited for a few minutes while the owner was chatting on the phone with another customer. As soon as he hanged up K. Jess asked for the Honda Accord 95 engine non-vtech b/c he previously spoke with the owner and they said they have it. We were a little PO’d when the owner said that he made a mistake and thought we were asking for a vtech.  What a dyk!
So I took K. Jess back to his house and he started making calls. Then his contact from that same store called him and said that the engine is ready to be delivered. Yea. we were confused. But got it squared away with the owner and I’m out of pocket $500+. Still in the practical way of living I’ll still be better off rather than scrapping the whole car. So next expense on the list- mechanic’s labor cost.  aaayyayaaayyy….

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