Cingular & my new Moto L7 Slvr

This phone sucks! Don’t even have the half the features of my W600i! I think my Sony Ericsson W600i spoiled me with their nifty features that now I’m missing it. This L7 is actually an itunes phone and yes it plays mp3 but with a certain limitation that i don’t agree upon. The no 1 restriction is that I have to use the proprietary programs to load songs on my L7? Crap! I usually don’t have to do that! I used to just plug my w600i in the usb & the computer treats it like an external drive and copy my stuff into it. Also you can’t use the mp3 files as a ringtone or message signal or whatever. It has been restricted probably due the fact that they loose money cuz’ you don’t have to buy a ringtone online.

Another quirk that I don’t like about this phone is that the camera resolution is a joke. Other camera phones are boasting this much megpix but this one I think goes the other way. Sony’s camera phone is the best.

Well..I guess I made up my mind. I just need to talk to the Cingular return department and tell them that I am not satisfied with this replacement and will keep my old phone. I also need to figure out the problem with that internet thingy and probably do a workaround. Jezzz….too much problems just to use a freaking cellphone.

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