Cingular & my reunited W600i

I’m still pissed-off about all this things. I have returned the Motorola L7 and now i just check my media net activities and Cingular is slowly adding back the previous media net that wasn’t showing before I returned their stupid phone! See… before I called the Return Dept. I did a final master reset the erases everything on the phone and which takes a good 1 hour or so to finish the task. Then I started tracking it from Cingular website and was relieved that there were no media net activities anymore. Fine I said to myself. It’s fixed. So I had made arrangement with Cingular that 1st the replacement phone sucks & it’s doesn’t even par up with my w600i, 2nd-thought the phone is working fine now since their stupid website’s log does say it too.  Well..of course now they are tacking everything back in nice 10 minutes increments again.

Ok! Fine! Whatever! I’ll just go along with your stupid game and shell out an extra $5 a month just to keep my Sony ericsson w600i and get an freakin’ UNLIMITED Media Net! I bet you once I do that those 10 minutes increment will start to go away. A%*h073s!!  I’m going to do this cuz’ 1.) I constantly need my company email; 2.) like my phone so much.

My only consolation is that Cingular shelled out some time & effort in their stupid game which still ends up in the category of unresolved business. Oh well..let see how this new arrangement goes next week when I start to switch to their unlimited media net bundle.


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