Cingular & my W600i

First of all I like my Sony Ericsson w600i phoneSony Ericsson W600i It has all the feature I can ever imagine. Bluetooth, IR port, USB data connectivity, sms, email, still & video camera, mp3 player, radio, IM, alarm, calendar, stop watch, pin light (works like a flashlight!), calculator, internet connection (Media Net), Java games, Remote Control (this feature is awesome!), sound recorder, and it also makes and receives phone calls!

Had this phone since Dec 2005 and never had a complain until around July 2006 when my phone just died on me.  It just quit working. no blips, no sound, not even a goodbye wail or anything. just a black screen.

Of course I was freaking out! Can’t live without my push-email from work! I need to be connected!

So I ventured and visited the 1st Cingular store that I found on the internet and ask the salesperson-“what am I going to do?” Thank God it’s still under warranty. It turns out that my phone has a 1 year warranty on it and it can be replaced BUT not from the store.  I have to call/login to Cingular. Did that done that but they were out of stock on my phone’s model. Offerred me another brand/model – declined and said “I’ll wait.” and waited for just 2 days. I tried to login and check the status and YES! it’s available!

Had it next day delivery-it came-it works…half decent…can’t hear the person I was talking to on the phone. Seems like the main speaker is busted. Called Cingular Warranty again and asked for a replacement. Bing-Bam-Bung. Got the new one-sent back the half decent one. Ok. so now I’m done… for a while at least. Phone is fine. It’s almost perfect. except…

The freaking phone keeps on logging in the internet (Media Net) every freaking 10 minutes!!! the whole freakin’ day and almost everyday! What’s up with that! I found out about this thru Cingular website’s Data usage report.  It list all the activities-voice & data in neat chronological order. I have to check this report everyday to see if it jives with my daily activities.  Last month my bill on the media net went over my allotted quota so I was charged an extra $8+. No way. I complained and they concur that it looks like an error. Tech department got involved. Did that reset thing but it didn’t do crap.  Finally they decided to send me another replacement. Again.  Damn..what a nightmare.

So now I’m waiting for my replacement phone but I still use this possessed phone cuz’ aside from that war-dialer type virus (Cingular don’t want to admit it’s a virus-i say it is!) i still love it.

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