Cingular & that stupid MediaNet!

Incompetent tech support service! What jerks! The 2nd to the last tech guy I had talked to sounded like an intimidating jerk! I think they should get rid of him. No help anyways. 2 days after the last time I talked to the Cingular tech department and they are still baffled (yea right!) on my dilema. It’s impossible that I was the only one who’s having this kind of problem. Heeelllooo! I saw this same situation posted on the Cingular customer forum but just so ticked-off to register to it so I can make a comment.

Don’t want to tear up Cingular as inconsiderate company but Cingular customer services just don’t have a clue on what’s going on! They can see from my data log ON THIER SIDE what is happening and Cingular tech support still pretends that it’s a new thing.

I know their quick fix will be…why don’t i switch to unlimited Cingular Media Net for so-and-so money for a month. Easy for them to say.. or maybe why don’t I get have my cingular media net just turned off to do away with this problem. Another Hellloooo??!!! Did I subscribed to the stupid Cingular media net for something????  Such a hopeless cause……

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