Continental Pilot dies in mid-flight!

I thought this kind of things just happens in the movies! Well this particular incident just happenned a few hours ago when a pilot died due to natural causes. The news hasn’t disclosed the exact cause of death yet but here’s the snip of the newspost.

A pilot on a Continental Airlines flight died in mid-flight and the plane landed safely near New York City under the control of two co-pilots, authorities said on Thursday.

Continental flight 61 from Brussels landed at Newark Liberty International Airport, according to Continental’s website.

“The captain of Continental flight 61, which was en route from Brussels to Newark, died in flight, apparently of natural causes,” Continental said in a statement.

“The crew on this flight included an additional relief pilot who took the place of the deceased pilot. The flight continued safely with two pilots at the controls,” it said.

The plane was a Boeing 777 with 247 passengers on board.

The pilot, 61, was based in Newark and had worked for Continental for 21 years, the airline said. Continental has one flight daily between Brussels and Newark.

Source: Reuters/Yahoo News

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