Coppermine PG re-installed (3x) & now working!!!

Yeehheeeyy!! Part 2!! Maybe it when I installed Gallery it also installed some critical files that Coppermine is looking for. I think one of the files it need is that ImageMagick for producing thumbnails. See…when I’m browsing around Gallery it looks just like a regular photo album compared to Coopermine I thought that Gallery is just a regular photo album but looking deeper they have some themes that you can configure to make your Gallery show the way you like it. In regards to Coppermine, I like the category features of Coopermine. Right now I have been ftp’ing the files into the server then I’ll sort them out into whatever category that I need to create. When I first installed CPG it chokes whenever I do a browser upload. It gives me an server error 500. That’s why I had to call NetSols service rep. Also when I do a batch add ins the thumbnails doesn’t show on some of the pics. I’m still in the dark what happened but I’m just glad that it’s working.

Please Register in my Zeenanoko Photo Gallery!   

Now..if only i can get that Joomla to stop reporting that error…

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