DirecTV 4 School Marketing & Box Top 4 Education

As I open up my kids’ latest 6-weeks report card i saw an envelope from DT. DT has a new marketing strategy that when you signup or renew with them they will donate $100 to your child’s school. Pretty good. Imagine if a lot of families gather and signup for DT service? That’s thousands of dollars for your kids school!  This is what I learned back in my college years how the business should operate. One of the factors in doing business with the community is what help can it give to the people it serves. What can they give back in return aside from the instant gratification of watching your favorite shows. 

I know that some companies has long started a campaign like this. Take for example General Mills Box Tops 4 Education campaign. America’s School have earned over 175 million in 10 years! The way their campaign work is that from your everyday activities like : buying groceries, shopping online and making purchases with a credit card you earned points for your school by collecting those box top points from  hundreds of participating brands.

Ok..ok..and ended up plugging those campaigns now..anyways, it’s actually nice to see that some system works out.

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