Dish Network impending separation

Just wrote to Dish Network Customer service. Just got tired of all the crap. They charge for Dish Home protection which supposed to be an equipment-overall maintenance/insurance deal. I don’t know..I just had it…

Here’s an excerpt of what I wrote;

Majority of the channels that I have hasn’t been working for weeks now. Tired of calling your tech supports because we have done all the steps & know it by heart and still doesn’t work.  All that your tech people will do is to make us do all those steps again and loooong wait for the switch test to complete. if it ever works on a clear & sunny day, it’s erratic. we pay for dish protection $5+ a month do to the technical work for your company.
Ok. Now for the question. Will there be ANY cancellation or termination fee if I cancel my service by the end of this week? The last time I asked I was told I am on the month-to-month basis. Just wanted it clear before discontinuing my service and don’t want to pay anymore additional charges.
sorry for the long note. thank you.

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