First Job Interview ni Andong

Just dropped off my 1st born @ Wendy’s for an interview. It will be his first work experience if he ever gets hired. He has been buggin me to find him a job at my work but I don’t have anything for him to do there. Ska mahirap makipag-compete doon sa anak ng may-ari. Baka sabihin gumagaya pa ako na pinag-ta-trabaho doon ang anak. So I told my 1st born to just look for job offers around our area. He had applied with a few establishment here pero hindi pa sya tinatawag. Ngayon lang nya naswertehan na yung isang kaibigan nya ang pinagtatrabahuhan doon sa Wendy’s and they are looking for workers. Kaya ayan..umuwi muna ako & he’s call me when he’s ready to get picked up.
Lumalaki na ang binata ko…tumatanda na rin ako…oks lang!

11:52am He got the job. He will be training tomorrow. Tsk..tsk…I’m getting old…

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