Happy New Year 2008!

Just got back from buying some fireworks for the new year celebration.  This time Jeff & I went to the factory outlet to get a little discount compared to the highway shacks and tents that charges a premium price.  So far our total bill all together comes up to almost $400.  That’s more than double than what we spent last year!  So I guess that my way of greeting the new year and thanking the previous for a good year.

I also learned that the rockets on a stick (kwitis) are banned here in Texas so they are selling those at bargain prices. Got a couple of them eventhough we’re not sure if we can shoot them at Bossier.  Most of the arsenal that we are bringing for aerial displays.  Still couldn’t get a hold of a broken hairdrier to salvage the nichrome wire that I need to setup my electronic igniter.  I have been planning to do that for the past 3 years and still I always forgot to follow up on it after the new year.  I know there’s a lot of those broken ones at any Goodwill stores where they sell em for less than $5.  too late to order them online.  Maybe I should planned this ahead of time for 2009.

Still have a lot of leftover food from Christmas (Noche Buena) and from the goodies that I took home from work.  Hopefully we get it all finished up after new year.

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