High wind at 50mph in North Texas

Had to do some errands today from Plano to Garland and at around noon it feels that the winds has been picking up speed. Here’s the weather forecast for today.

A HIGH WIND WARNING is in effect with winds expected to be gusting over 50 mph across North Texas during the day today as a cold front and dry line sweep through the area. Blowing dust is likely. Temps top out in the low to mid 70s and then fall into the low to mid 60s by late this afternoon. Relatively quiet weather returns for the next several days.

It had made quite some damages on my backyard. 2 sections of my cedar picket fence had came down which borders my property line and my neighbor. The other side is currently being work on by this high winds and should come down too. That will be about 3 sections. Sooooo..I guess I’ll be buzy tomorrow to fix those damn fences!


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