Icy Rain-Winter Storm in effect @ Dallas

It actually started yesterday but the ice didn’t form fast enough on the road to spread some sand. Today most of the counties in Texas have icy roads.  My wife went to walmart yesterday to do some grocieries and she said a lot of people are panic buying due to the news announcement that there might be some power outages and slippery road. Compared to the northeast where they usually get snow, down here at texas we get ice and everytime there’s ice most of the people tend to stay indoor and only drive when necessary. friscofreeze2.jpg
The bad part of driving with this icy weather is that you don’t have traction on the tires. But the worst part if the stupid drivers that speeds up on bridges where ice are more likely to form and ends up hitting the slow moving cautious drivers. The thing is some people don’t know how to drive in this kind of weather condition. They are so impatient following the slow moving vehicles and they try to go around them and then hit thier stupid brakes which results to skidding. tsk..tsk..

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