My BB 8310-a long overdue posting

Blackberry 8310 Crimsom w/ gps-this post will be updated as I find time to add more to it…

I know at one time I had mentioned that a post about my new toy will be made.  I think that was a couple of months ago.  To be exact na-gets ko itong Crimson BB 8310 Blackberry 8310 Crimsom w/ gpsBlackberry 8310 Crimsom w/ gpsko before Thanksgiving. Talagang thank you na thank you ako! Eh paano naman dream BB ko talaga ito.  Bale 2nd unit ko na ito cuz I first had the bb8700c pero ala masyadong functions na enjoyable.  Here’s a list of some features that I liked about the blackberry 8310

Email- duh! The blackberries are well known for the email prowess! I used to make fun of people carrying their blackberry and can’t take their eyes off reading the tiny screen.  You can have up to 10 email accounts on your blackberry and which I have 9 of my email addresses on it.

Camera – 2 mega-pixel camera built-in this unit!  I used to carry 2 cellphones, one is my personal celphone (got to look back on my previous post to link here..) and my blackberry unit.  The reason why I lug those 2 units is because I’m quite attached to my camera phone. Well not anymore! Less weight to carry around now!  Also when I was still using my camera phone those picture files are too huge to mms to my regular account and puts a big dent on the internet service budget.

Media Player – the old 8700c has an undocumented feature on how to put mp3 files in your bb and the player sucks. Well the bb8310 player still sucks but at least it has a better interface.  It can play video files now though it record videos thru its built-in camera.

GPS – I like this feature! Never was a fan of those dedicated GPS units but this bb 8310 made me a follower.  I had to subscribe to TeleNav so I can get the full use of the gps features.  Though I can opt of the google maps or yahoo maps but I kinda want the audio that comes with the TeleNav software.

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