Nissan Maxima 1997 Driver Side Power Window Broke-I fixed it!


Went to lunch on a friday cloudy afternoon and on the way back i roll down the window when I heard a crunch and whirr sound. Crap! My window won’t go up! I kept on pressing the window button but it was just that motor sound.

Ran back to work and told everyone that I need to go home before rain starts pouring. I have a hunch that it was just a loose bolt that I need to put back and tighten.

Nope! Wishful thinking!

Its a busted power window actuator. I have to replace the assembly. Good thing my friend Google and Youtube are always there to help so I parked my car inside the garage, ordered the assembly from Amazon and waited 2 days to arrive then replaced the broken assembly and we are back in business!


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