putty ssh connection to vps

It wasn’t that bad!
My vps from godaddy went down and couldn’t access it via WHM or cpanel.
Called tech support but since its an unmanaged server they can’t do anything.
Well other vps provider go out of their way to help but godaddy is very strict.
Anyways, yes. They told me to use putty because I went over my diskspace and won’t be able to delete stuff since no access to normal tools like ftp.
So..downloaded the open source program and googled all the needed commands.
Had to use ‘su’ commands and a couple of rm -rf but still more to delete and don’t know where to look.
Turns out that there was a hidden backup folder and once I located it everything looks fine!
After a few hours my vps is back online! Yay!

Note: putty is a powerful tool. Be careful!

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