Quickbooks Enterprise Solution problem -Web connector failed -answered!

Monday morning and I had some problems at work about my precious
Quickbooks. As always-first thought that comes to mind is that my
computer has a virus!
But after 2 days our IT guy finally fixed the problem.
It’s the latest Microsoft update that has something to do with the .NET
Then now Quickbooks tech people emailed me this..

Dear QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 8.0 customer,

We have discovered that a recent Microsoft Windows update may be
triggering problems for some users of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions
8.0. When the problem occurs, QuickBooks does not open. If you are
experiencing problems with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions not opening,
please see instructions below. If not, please disregard this e-mail.

Common symptoms include the following:

1. The QuickBooks splash screen flashes, and then disappears.


2. On launch of QuickBooks, an error message reports that the Web
Connector has failed to initialize and QuickBooks does not open.

It turns out that the Microsoft update introduced a problem in the .NET
2.0 Framework.

To resolve this issue, please do not uninstall and re-install QuickBooks
Enterprise Solutions. We do not recommend this, as it will not address
the problem.

The best thing to do is to go to the source of the problem, so you will
need to remove and reinstall the .NET 2.0 Framework on all workstations
where you’ve detected the problem and on the server where your datafile
is stored (if applicable). To help walk you through it, we have provided
detailed instructions in our QuickBooks Knowledge Base that provides
some easy to follow steps and also includes additional links to the
Microsoft site:

We are continuing to work on this issue and have notified Microsoft
about the issue. If we find out anything new, we will be sure to let you
know right away.

Thanks for your patience,

The QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Team

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