Quickbooks IIF file import -done!

Feeling good! Looking good! lolz!  I just have this special feeling of accomplishment today. Work related..yea..wierd! hehehhe! Anyways, I have a project that I was planning to do for the looongest time and finally got around it.  It involves integrating data from one program to another but the raw data itself was the main problem.  data files are well known to be manipulated in one form or another but this particular project of mine had to go to a series of data extractions and calculation in numerical and text concatenation. I even had to call on the power of vlookup function  in excel and slew of other formulas i borrowed from the ol’ trustful google search. I had to deal with the military time conversion to standard time and….. ok..fine..i guess you get the picture..

So after the data had been prep it was time to dig in the Quickbooks help index.
Got the importing invoice topic…pretty detailed explanation..followed the example in creating an iif file..cut & paste data..saved the file..import..nothing…
tried it again..import..nothing…damn!
read help manual again..look at iif data…CRAP! you freakin forgot to put the ENDTRNS word!

ok..fixed..saved…import..YES!! it works!! 

and now problem 1 has been solved! 29868764 problems more to go!

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