Security issues finally resolved.

Wow! After almost a year (see my tag under site development)in battling this security issue with my host I finally won! Thanks for the help in the joomla forum and to one of the joomla heroes! The tech department of my host couldn’t (or wouldn’t) give me a simple answer or instructions on how to do it. But anyways, moving forward, I’m sticking with them for a while. (well after paying more than $30 for a domain renewal) and after I get my money’s worth then I’ll move to a cheaper host. 

This site was also hjck 2 weeks ago from those @#$%&# guys at Norway.  I was a victim from a joomla extention with a security leak that does a drive-by upload. My homepage was defaced for a few days but managed to catch it on time but not sooner cuz’ some search engine already index that page! sucks! now my domain has been tainted. $#^&$%#% you  %^&^%*%^$#!!!!

So far I like seeing my joomla back-end menu without the nagging security notice. ahhhhhh..success…

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