Site content migration coming slow but sure(?)

Did a lot of things on the new site structure. The Images page is done and wrapped with the Joomla interface. Had to use a different template just for that particular page. come to think of it, that images page actually looks better than the regular pages. I just can’t make up my mind right now which template I should stick to. Kung pwede nga lang lahat na! But I’ll go with the voting poll. Crap..then I have to set that up too. Also i feel uneasy about my webhost PHP setting. Maybe I’ll forward my domain to another host that’s more accomodating with the required security features that my new website platform is asking for.
Also, there’s the issue about screen resolution. I wonder how many surfers out there are still using the 800 screen resolution? I have my setting to the highest possible resolution. Dito sa bahay i had it set for 1280 x 1024. I’m also thinking of modifying the CSS to at least 1024 pixels wide. I feel so cramped with the current 800 resolution. But if we have to stay compatible across the board I guess I have to stick with it…for the meantime!

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