site porting over new host-revisited to the 10th power!

I am at it again! still trying to figure out how to transfer my joomla site to a different host with more security features.

I have overcome the mysql problems and have successfully restored my database to the new host. (that was after 5 tries and 2 movie breaks)

found out what the new hosting place absolute path is (use HELP in control panel..jezzzz…)

got a hint to edit the cfg file to recognize the new setting..

…to be continued…

after a couple of hours…

well..the whole damn thing finally worked! exact duplicate of my main site! yes!  And the freakin’ error message doesn’t show up on the backend menu.  The help instructions in the joomla forum actually works.  It just looks simple now that I have done and gone over it. Now I’ll try to play around on the wordpress & coppermine port over. maybe next month or so…

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