Sunday after the 40th

What a hot 102 F Sunday!  Good thing I already sprayed some pest control chemicals around my house. Dang spiders & little critters are crawling inside the house through those weep holes.  Fire ants are finding their way in and around the kitchen cuz’ it’s just too much hotter outside.  Summer came in late here in Texas. Had a couple of thunderstorms and close calls from tornados which just missed us by a few counties.

Will be turning on the sprinklers tonight since our town lifted the water restrictions from once-a-week watering schedule to a voluntary twice-a-week watering.  Had to thank that extended rainy season for that.  I’ll search for some pix to post about the overflowing of the L.Lake here at L.E.  Felt sorry for that newly constructed sand beach that I think had been washed away.  More sorry for us cuz’ we paid for it through taxes!

Oh yea..the title after the 40th…Yesterday was the 40th day anniversary of my dad-in-law.  There was a church service at 10am and we came late kasi my grad. party last night. 

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