Tapyas Gulong!

Saturday morning my wife went to the grocery and when she came back I was unloading the groceries from the SUV then I noticed this;

dsc00157-tires800x600.jpgdsc00158-tires800x600.jpg ang galing! May bulbol na yung gulong namin! heheheh!
Pero seriously, this is dangerous! (oh wow..hellloo!!) If I haven’t notice this I can’t imagine what might have happen after a few more trips with this vehicle.  Now comes the hard part…replacement tires. SUV tires generally cost like $90 a piece. Fine. I have no problem with that..but wait! Kuya Greg came to the rescue! I remember Kuya Jess had told me that Kuya Greg has some tires stash in his garage.
So I called him up while we where at his neighborhood, of course after changing the tires with the spare, and he said that he’ll just give us the 4 tires that he has as a xmas present! Wow! Galeng! So that solved the $$ issue! T.Y. Mr. Greg V.!

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